Logo Design

Your logo speaks volumes.

This one image is what your community and customer base will grow to associate with your company. It's what you put on your presentations, what you wear on your team polos, and how you identify your business.

Because of that, we aim to tie your logo as closely as possible to who your company is. Our branding brief helps us get to know everything about your company so that your logo can be a perfect reflection of who you are.

The branding campaign develops an overall brand image that explains your company. The logo focuses on creating one specific image to make that possible. We sift through information about your industry and where you want to be in the market to build the perfect logo that paints a picture of who your company is and the clients that you serve.

A Guide for the Future

We’ll put together a branding style guide for your company. It shows different orientations that your logo can use while serving as a one-stop location for all the information about your logo’s colors, size and clearspace usage. We’ll provide you with the exact names of the colors in your logo so your company can build any future collateral with the same awesome identity.

This guide will also contain the proper typography for the logo so you can build everything your company produces around a unified look. We’ll add in some things to do and some to avoid when using your new logo. The goal is to provide as much helpful information as possible to make sure your company is best equipped to use the logo as the face of your company.

We can help tell your story many ways, but it’s your logo design that tends to stick with customers the most. We’ll help build one that is memorable and keeps you on the mind of the customers that are the best fit for your company.