Why Construction Companies Could Use a Marketing Rebuild

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Many construction companies rely on local reputation and word-of-mouth to gain new business from the private and public sector, but using marketing tactics can bolster your reputation and help introduce your business to people everywhere. Here’s why an awesome marketing strategy can give any engineering firm a facelift.

Marketing Should Be the Foundation

For any company with a quality product or service, marketing should be the first brick laid when gaining customers. A solid marketing plan has to be established from the onset.

Construction companies are no exception, and oftentimes, a great marketing plan can differentiate a construction firm from all of their local competition.

In an effort to set themselves apart, a building firm could have a killer website and a presence on social media platforms. That could be enough of a differentiating point, because many construction firms don’t have really awesome websites.

Before you even lay the first form for your foundation, you should already have a website and marketing plan for future business.

A Well-Built Website Is the Blueprint to Success

One of the first steps of an online marketing plan is to build a website. The website should be built with the consumer in mind.

First off, who is the consumer? For many construction companies, the target audience could be in both the public and private sector. Therefore, it’s important to note all the different services your company might offer.

Secondly, construction websites should be very example-heavy. If you have a lot of previous work and case studies, they should be prominently displayed so potential consumers know the type of work you can do. Just like any industry, positive customer feedback goes a long way.

Not only should a construction company be concerned with the content structure, but also the navigation of the website. Your website should be easily navigable and clean.

Traditional Advertising is No Longer in Code

While many companies still rely on traditional advertising (like commercials, pop-up ads, etc.) technology is rapidly increasing, and digital marketing has become the new media for broadcasting your brand.

Well-crafted websites are made to be found by search engines like Google, so people who are looking for a company to oversee the construction of (for example) a racquetball court can easily find the appropriate company.

In order to be more proactive online, you can be active on social media with targeted ads that reach super specific target audiences (for instance, “men between the age of 25-32 who live in Gainesville, FL and are out of school”). You can also communicate with those who already follow you on social media to tell them about your past, present, and future projects!

It’s time to move away from the invasive traditional advertising techniques and update your marketing plan to include interactive, targeted ads and content that draws in potential users.

Who Could You Contract For Help?

One of the best things you can do for your company is contacting a marketing firm to help navigate through the different marketing options that could be beneficial to your business.

Here at West Designs, we can lay out a blueprint for our future work with you. Yes, we can build a beautiful website, but we can also manage your social media, advertising, and branding all while providing professional help with anything you might need concerning marketing.

Interested? Email us at hello@designsbywest.com for more information!

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