Our culture is who we are.

Our culture is slow-claps for client wins. Our culture is loving on everyone who walks through our door. Our culture is our snack closet.

We’re a fun group of creative folks who love coming to work. But we’re about more than just finding awesome gifs and looking great every day (our dress code has been described as GQ or polished hipster).

Everything we do, we do with a purpose.

At West Designs, we have a mission: 

To create relationships with growing businesses to help their customers discover, evaluate, and enjoy their products and services.

And to keep that mission alive, we have core values: 

Leadership, Creativity, Love, Integrity, and Community

And we take all of those things very seriously.

West Designs isn’t a company content to just have a mission and core values – we’re a company dedicated to living those things out. We meet every other week to set new goals and to hold each other accountable. By doing this, we believe we’ll achieve positive results and have a positive impact on those around us.

Our business isn’t just about websites or Facebook pages. It’s about real, human connections and about helping people and businesses become their best selves. Whether it’s our clients or our team members, we dedicate ourselves to helping people grow their skills and relationships.

What’s it like to work with us?

Great. Because we don’t see you as another design, another website, or another blog – we see you as a relationship. And we know that relationships take 100% effort to work, so we’re committed to giving you our full attention and our full dedication. We actually want to listen to you.

What’s it like to work for us?

Also great. We realize that ALL of our team members are essential to achieving our vision, mission, and core values, so we want them to feel like they’re really a part of something bigger than themselves. With team lunches, weekly team meetings, and more, we do everything we can to make you feel like part of the team. And if nothing else works, we’ll bribe you with snacks (seriously, we have a whole closet full of them).