Why Inbound Marketing Works

Think about the way you search for information on a product or company. You go to your favorite search engine and type in your question or keyword about a specific product or industry. Your potential customers are doing the exact same thing when they need the services your company provides. That’s the good news! The bad news? It means nothing if your company isn’t implementing a specific inbound marketing strategy designed to target them. Without one, those potential customers are having a hard time finding you.

 Whether it’s on social media or through search engines, people are desperate for answers, information, and reviews about what they need. Inbound marketing offers a platform for your company to become their trusted solution.


Avoid the Guessing

Your company’s marketing plan shouldn’t be a guessing game. Marketing of the past involved guesswork -- tactics like cold calling, non-targeted mailing lists and cold emails -- that hoped to randomly find someone that was the perfect client for a business. The success rate was low, and the money spent on it was often wasted.

With our strategic inbound marketing gameplan, we target the areas your potential customers are already looking. This puts you in the ideal spot to attract customers to your website as we help create more traffic, leads, and revenue for your company. Inbound marketing gives your company the power to attract traffic by publishing content designed specifically for your ideal customer’s interests and problems. Your company gets thrown into the middle of the digital conversation your ideal customers are already having. 


Empower, Don’t Intrude

Old marketing strategies rarely find customers at the right time when they are actually interested in the information. It isn’t personal, and it often gives the customer a bad impression because it feels intrusive. People online want to be empowered with information.

As your company continues to build content that is geared toward what your potential customer needs, it builds a sense of trust and loyalty. People begin to see you as an authority in your industry while the engaging content on your website is produced. 

Big Target
Inbound Marketing Methodology

You want the right traffic coming to your site. It’s the traffic that is most likely to turn into leads. We’ll attract them through blogs, researched keywords and social media publishing.


Now that you have converted your visitors to leads, it’s time to close them into customers. This is made easier with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. If the lead is still not ready to be a customer, a series of emails with relevant content can help.


Visitors to your website become leads when you obtain their contact information. This information is obtained during this step through gated content. The potential customer receives an eBook or webinar once they fill out a form that includes their contact information.


Now that your lead has turned into an existing customer, delight them and turn them into promoters! This comes through surveys, social monitoring, and smart calls-to-action that present offers specific to each customer.