Content Marketing

Inbound marketing is driven by content. Strategic content is your top success driver in today’s search engine economy.

Through strategic content, your company proves itself as an authority in your industry while also seeing benefits for placement in search engine rankings. We spend time putting together a strategy for the audiences your content needs to target to bring new traffic, leads and revenue to your company.

Answering What Your Customers Are Asking

We perform thorough keyword research to find out what your ideal customer is searching for online, and we create content specifically targeting those keywords. This boosts your ranking on search engines, but it also increases the chances that a customer can find your website while searching for their most frequent questions.

Content marketing also meets your potential customers along all steps of the buyer’s journey. There are three steps to the buyer’s journey that all of your customers go through, and the content we produce targets them along all three steps:

  • Awareness Stage– The potential customer is experiencing and expressing symptoms of a problem or opportunity. They begin to seek educational research to more clearly understand and give a name to their problem.
  • Consideration Stage– The potential customer has defined and named their problem or opportunity. They’re committed to researching and understanding all available approaches and methods of solving it.
  • Decision Stage– The potential customer has now decided on their how they will seek a solution and begins compiling a list of vendors and products in their solution strategy while trying to make a final purchase decision.

We’ll write specific content aimed at them throughout the process, from realizing they have a need all the way through being ready to make a decision on which company they will purchase services from. Content marketing is designed to address the needs and answer the questions that people who need your services are already searching for online.

A New Approach to Marketing

Your content isn’t a boxed approach to marketing. It’s personalized to your company and the strengths you provide for customers, but most importantly, it’s targeting your best possible customers in places we know they are going. When they find content on their own, they are much more likely to convert into a customer than if they found out about your company through a cold call or cold email.

Content marketing is about warming up your potential customers to working with you by proving that you are an authority in your field. The days of cold interactions with prospects are over. Content marketing helps you build leads that you know are interested in your product or service.