Our mission is to create relationships with growing businesses to help their customers discover, evaluate and enjoy their products and services.

We do that by taking time to get to know our clients, their business, their industry, and their customers. We learn everything we can about them, and apply those insights to everything we do. 

We're intentional about everything we do, centered around our clients' message and goals.

And we just happen to do killer marketing.

Brandon West - CEO of West Designs

Hi, I’m Brandon West, and I lead a team of super creative professionals.

Husband. Father. Teacher. Student. Musician. Designer. Artist.

Everything I do, I do with the highest degree of excellence. Just “ok” is never good enough for me. The servers we host our clients on are the best available. When we build websites, we use the highest standards available. When we start your project, you’ll get the best service you can find.

Semper reformanda. Always reforming. Always transforming. I’m always adapting and refining to serve you better for years to come.

Brandon West - CEO of West Designs
Jenelle K.
Jenelle K.

Hi, I’m Jenelle Kruse, and I craft designs that are playful and process-oriented.

Designer. Illustrator. Painter. Explorer. DIY Addict.

I am passionate about creating. With my insatiable appetite for knowledge and solving problems through design, I am ready to provide you with the most attractive and effective visual solutions for growing your company. Always exploring vibrant and colorful concepts, I aim to fashion living art that stands out above traditional design. With my unique and inspired logos, icons, and images, I can make looking good online a cinch for your company. As a driven graphic designer, I am always striving to create work that is distinctive, engaging and above all, memorable.

Alex G.

Hi, I’m Alexander Graham, and I produce creative constructs for a digital world.

Husband. Web Developer. Graphic Designer. WordPress Enthusiast. Musician. Digital Experience Curator.

Hello! I’m just like you and your potential clients. When searching for a product or service online I look for the most trustworthy, authoritative, helpful, and useful companies to take care of me. Nothing is more frustrating than a poorly developed website, where the information I need is obscured behind popup after popup,  hard to read text, and mostly I like knowing that when I click on a button or link it works as intended.

Luckily, I’m here to make sure your business doesn’t travel down the same frustrating road on the web.

As your website developer my passion lies at showcasing the beating heart of your business: “I want to improve my clients lives with my products and services”. My team mates and I will align ourselves with your brand identity, mission, goals, and vision for where you want to lead. It’s my job to construct a website that perfectly illustrates your vision, across all devices, to successfully lead your clients into a delightful relationship with your business. I’m excited to use my expertise in website development to your advantage, covering many coding languages, best practices, efficient and clean development practices, and cutting-edge trends along the way.

Alex G.
Kelsey M.
Kelsey M.

Hi, I’m Kelsey Meadows, and I create killer SEO strategies that grow businesses.

Analyzer. SEO Strategist. Party Planner. Baker. BBQ Fanatic.

I am passionate about growing businesses through SEO and online marketing strategies. My love for business and the digital world allows me to work with business owners around the Central Florida area to help improve online visibility and increase leads.

I love the uniqueness behind each client. Each business is full of unique people, processes, and passions; which is why when I strategize and create SEO plans for your business, I research keywords, competitors, and more that matter to you and that will directly influence your bottom line.

With my ability to analyze where your business currently is and where it can be with SEO, I can help improve your company’s visibility and profitability over time.

Jon S.

Hi, I’m Jon Saxton, and I design powerful messaging strategies.

Writer. Musician. Morning Bird. Strategist. Ohio Expat. 2002 Most Improved Summer Swimmer.

I love the creative process of intelligent marketing that is directly linked between you, your business, and your customers. As an Inbound Marketing Executive at West Designs, I work with clients to help deepen our understanding of the people who matter most in their business.

My job is to help determine the right message, medium, and timing for your current and future clients. 

Jon S.
Mitchel Sinon West Designs
Mitchel Sinon West Designs

Hi, I'm Mitchel Sinon, and I'm here to make your website sound awesome.

Student. Marketer. Adventurist. Musicophile. Film Buff. Sinon Family Reunion Corn Hole Champion.

Building relationships is my specialty, and with any great marketing strategy, you have to have a solid relationship with your clients and their customers. I manage client communication (talking with you), website content insertion, blog writing, and IKEA desk-building (in no more than 2 hours).

With my background in marketing, entrepreneurship, mass communication, and writing, I can ensure that your website is going to be optimized for getting found and for sounding amazing.

Eric Van Ness West Designs

Hi, I'm Eric Van Ness, and I'm here to turn your dream website into reality. 

Web Developer. Music Aficionado. Book Lover. Quirky Friend. Passionate Independent Business Supporter.

Independent businesses are my passion.  After managing the iconic local bookstore, Book Gallery West, I moved into the world of nonprofits, where I learned the importance of having a website that sets you apart.

That realization inspired me to pursue web development as a profession. 

I know from experience, that having a professional, polished and well-designed website is critical in making both the small businesses, and the life-saving, life-changing charities who make our world a better place, thrive and get noticed.

Creating websites that convey the message and unique identity of your business or organization is my passion, and as part of the West Designs team, I look forward to making your dream website a reality!


Eric Van Ness West Designs
Matt Brooks West Designs

Hi, I'm Matt Brooks and I'm here to make captivating and awe-inspiring projects one-by-one. 

Student. Goal Oriented. ‘The Office’ Fanatic. Dog Lover. Traveler. Movie Buff. Spirit Animal: Bear. Three-Time Fantasy Football Last Place Champion.

I am a senior advertising student at the University of Florida. As an intern at West Designs I look forward to pursuing one of my greatest passions: meeting new people. It is my hope that I bring inspiration and happiness to the people I meet, and that I learn from them in return. I love this industry and everything it has to offer. I never quit and I hope that I can help bring my passion and visions to life!

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. - Wayne Gretzky.”

- Michael Scott

Matt Brooks West Designs
Melissa Pietrangelo West Designs
Melissa Pietrangelo West Designs

Hi, I'm Melissa Pietrangelo, and I want to help take your business to the next level.

Math Nerd. Canva Queen. Lover of Learning. Pizza Aficionado. French Bulldog Enthusiast. Aspiring World Traveler.

I enjoy developing and implementing plans to help accomplish personal and business goals. That is why I have made this my goal with every client I work with as a marketing intern at West Designs. Whether it’s a social media post or an analysis of your site, I want to help your company grow their online presence with an original and inventive approach.