Content Writing

After we build the perfect, functional website to serve the needs of your company and your clients, we’ll fill it with strategic web copy designed to fit your company’s image and voice.

Like everything else we do with website design and inbound marketing, our website content writing is planned and intentionally written to help your company reach its goals. It is constructed to fit perfectly with the branding that we build for your company.

Find Your Company’s Voice

We’ll use an interview session with the leadership of your company to gather information about what you do and the kind of voice and tone your website content should maintain for consistency. This is where we find out what you think should be included in the content and blend that with our expertise on the subject to make your website as successful as possible.

We put together your content to emphasize that your company is an authority in your industry. It doesn’t matter what that industry is. Just as we build the branding to capture the essence of your company and show that through the website design, the content’s tone is constructed on your website to further blend together with the rest of the brand identity.

Written to Benefit Your Company

The strategic part of the content isn’t just about fitting in with your company’s voice. It’s also built around modern search engine optimization principles. The content writing will include keywords to help your company’s ranking in searching engines while we work with you to always keep your company in front of your ideal customers.

Website content informs your customers about who you are and what you do. This will come on the website pages, but it can also happen through blogs we produce when the website goes live. Using strategic inbound marketing techniques, we’ll figure out what your ideal customer is searching for and how we can best draw them to your website. Writing blogs about these strategic topics can help your website see SEO benefits from the first day it goes live.